The Environmental Health and Safety Center (EHS) in National Taiwan University manages a broad range of services to the University community in order to protect our members and campus environment away from harm. We not only care for the safety of the students, faculty and administrative staff of the University, but also monitor the environment in which we live. This is a challenging mission, and success is largely dependent on a multi-functional team of dedicated individuals. The team of EHS has to devise creative ways and actions to solve the EHS problems efficiently, and ensure its compliance with laws, regulations and the University policies.

The Environmental Protection Center was first established in February 1990. The mission is to maintain the living environment of the campus. The center has been expanded in light of the reforms of Labor Safety and Health Act in December 1993 to cover the occupational safety and health affairs and has been renamed in October 2000 to Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health Center.

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