The Missions of the Center and Infrastructure

The EHSs leadership is responsible for the strategic vision of the sustainable campus, policies, and practices. The director, concurrently held by the Dean of the General Affairs, leads the EHS center to shape the University s environment, inquire into the quality and progress of its activities, and assure that the university functions appropriately in a safe working and living environment.

The Center comprises six specialized-working divisions and a secretariat. Six professors with related experience and expertise are appointed to be the division directors to superintend the affairs of the divisions. The secretary is responsible for liaising with the EHSs divisions and communicating with other offices in the University.

The EHS comprises six working-divisions:

(1) Integrated Management Division,
(2) Chemical Hazards and Waste Management Division,
(3) Biosafety Management Division,
(4) Radiation Safety Management Division,

(5) Occupational Safety Management Division,
(6) Occupational Health Management Division.